Island life

Born on the magical island of Bali in Indonesia, Bamzu is here to encourage a re-think of product development, and in turn, customer involvement in the 21st century... ...and if we can have a little fun while we’re at it, all the better!


Bamboo beach bats

Made from sustainably-sourced local bamboo and hand-crafted in Bali, our beach bats are simply the best way to play.
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Why Bamzu

Since the 1970's you have always been able to go down to the beach in Bali and find people playing with a bat and ball at sunset. We love the idea of doing our part to continue this fun tradition, while encouraging local craft and the use of sustainable materials in product design.
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Please note

All our products are exquisitely made using naturally occurring materials. It is therefore impossible to make identical items, actually that is their inherent beauty.
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Bamzu sarongs

To accompany the bamboo beach bats, we are launching our first beach sarong.
The Bamzu house print pays homage to the beauty of bamboo, emulating their vascular bundles as seen under a microscope.
Available early 2015 - To be notified of availability, like us on Facebook here or email us .